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International Young Inventors Project Olympiad

The annual International Young Inventors Project Olympiad 2016 was recently held in Tbilisi, Georgia. This Olympiad is open to learners all over the world. More than 500 learners sent applications with their project abstracts attached and from there only 100 entrants are invited to represent their country and projects.

There were more than 200 learners from around the world. There were many categories in which projects were classified. The categories ranged from science, mathematics, information technology to engineering. There were a total of more than 100 projects from 34 different countries.

The South African KZN Team from Star College Boys applied with their chemistry project which was named; Analysis of Chromium(VI) andNickel(II) for tuber vegetables and soils from different irrigation waters.  The team consisted of Divashan Anamalay, Pre’an Brijrajh, Reagan Pramraj  and they were accompanied by their educator Mr Tahir Denli.  They received the “Top Chemistry” and “Top Design” project award and therefore received 3 gold medals. Divashan Anamalay, Pre’an Brijrajh and Reagan Pramraj were also award 25% discount from the International Black Sea University if they decide to study in Georgia. This was another great achievement from the learners of Star College! Well done for making your school, your province and your country proud!


Pictured: Reagan Pramraj, Pre’an Brijrajh and Divashan Anamalay

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