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ISO 2012:Star College Science and Maths Students score in Nigeria

Seven students from Star College were selected to participate in the highly esteemed International Science Olympiad (ISO) recently held in Abuja, Nigeria. The competition encompassed five major subjects consisting of Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Over 14 countries participate in this ISO. The top students who demonstrate exceptional performance in the five sciences were selected by their countries. They felt honoured to participate in ISO as it only once that students can take part in this competition. The team had a challenging competition time with over 5 hours of continuous examinations per day but they proved in the end to be highly successful.

1 Bronze medal was awarded to Preshanthan S. Pillay in Physics, 2 Silver medals were awarded to Nabeel Sayed Ismail (left in the picture) in Computer Science, to Muhammad Ismail Randree in Biology.

4 Gold medals were awarded to Dalian Daneshwar Sunder and Yaseen Sayed Ismail for Mathematics to Muhammed G H Tootla (bottom) for Computer Science and Muhammed Saleem Suleman (right) for Chemistry.

Yaseen was placed in the top ten for achieving high overall marks and were awarded by Platinum medal and Laptop.

The school congratulates the youth in representing South Africa at an international level and as well as promoting a strong interest in science and mathematics

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