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My road to Springbok…

My scouting journey began in grade 5 and I carried it through since then. It’s been a road filled with hours of hard work as well as endless amounts of fun. There were many great scouting memories that embedded in my brain, such as the 10 day ‘Cederberg adventure’ hike in Cape Town in 2009. Not to mention the mind blowing experience of getting to go to the Durban Airforce base for an Air scout rally, 5 days filled with awesome activities like survival training etc and we got to explore the base and see how the army operates.

I also went to Virginia airport to get special training which was required for one of my scouting badges. Although achieving Springbok was certainly the most difficult thing I’ve done, it is also the most rewarding. It involved a lot of hard work, from building a catapult to the 40 hour community service project, the service project was organised by me and it was to renovate a room at the Durban Childrens’ home, it also included me leading a group of scouts to perform this task. However, the most challenging thing in my life thus far was organising and leading a 30Km hike in the Drakensberg mountains that took place in July. There were other activities over and above these that had to be done in order to get Springbok. On the 6th of October came the time of nerves to see whether I qualify for the award. After answering many pressing questions, I was informed that I have passed. It was an extremely relieving moment, I had finally got Springbok. All my friends, family and even my class congratulated me, this was the day I’ve been waiting for. I’d like to thank my parents, best friends and not to mention my troop, 1st Cowies Hill Air Scouts, for their helping hands throughout. It is truly a privilege to receive this award and I am grateful for the honour.

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