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Past Student Visits Grade 9 Learners


On 11 August 2017, Star College Old Boy , Medical Student Kumeren Govender gave the Grade 9 students an enlightening speech regarding career options after high school. Kumeren Govender, a final-year medical student from the University of KwaZulu Natal , only 23 , and a talented musician,  will soon publish a scientific paper he has written as a lead researcher, something which is regarded as a huge accolade and a rare phenomenon in the academic world for an undergraduate.

The Grade 9’s were in awe of his achievement as an ex Star College student and eagerly listened to his advice.  He discussed the importance of choosing a career according to one’s own abilities and how it is always good to leave ones options open by taking various subjects.  Mr Govender also advised the learners to be creative, as it balances both sides of the brain, and to pave one’s own path by merging different career fields and creating positions in the workplace for oneself. The students learnt about study techniques and how organisation plays a major role in success throughout life. The advice was invaluable and all learners benefited from the experience. Thank you Mr Govender!

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