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On Tuesday, 17 April 2018; the Principal, a few staff members and 22 learners attended a function held in the parlour of The Honourable Deputy Mayor of the Ethekweni Municipality, Councillor Fawzia Peer. The function was hosted by her in lieu of the accolades and recognition that Star College had attained locally, nationally and internationally in the fields of academics and Olympiads.

The function commenced with a warm welcome by Her Worship, the deputy mayoress. In her welcome address, she expressed her interest in the school with regards to its leadership in the fields of academics and Olympiads. She expressed further that her admiration for the school also stems from the fact that the institution offers children from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to study at the institution and to become a part of the family at STAR COLLEGE. She also commended the members of the teaching staff on their commitment and dedication to the school.

Thereafter the principal Mr. O. Karaayvaz addressed the gathering. He expressed his passion for the school and the country. With warm feelings for the country, he stated that prior to coming to South Africa; he researched the country with regards to education, cultures and livelihood. He expressed excitement and mentioned that in his research of South Africa, he discovered that our country was rich in the gold mining industry. Jokingly, he added that upon taking his position here, he discovered that the GOLDEN NUGGETS, are the CHILDREN of this country, that he came into contact with. His drive was to treat every every child accordingly, and to unleash the potential of each child in his care.

Mr. M. Kalayci, a deputy principal at the school informed the Deputy Mayoress about the school’s achievement with regards to Olympiads, locally, nationally and internationally. He explained how earnestly the learners are trained to participate globally.

A female Grade 12 learner; Uluthando Jili expressed with great excitement how she represented the school and South Africa at large in Indonesia, Bali in December 2016 where she competed in the (IJSO) International Junior Science Olympiad and was the FIRST FEMALE from South Africa to earn a bronze medal at this Olympiad.

In September 2017, she represented South Africa in Birmingham, UK and on her return to South Africa competed in the National Science Expo, held in Gauteng and hosted by Eskom where she won a gold medal at the Expo.

Another learner from Grade 12 Sashen Naidoo spoke about his trip to Romania, Bucharest where he competed in the Infomatrix Project Olympiad, which is a project on algorithm based solution development. At the Olympiad he presented a high level efficiency irrigation system which won him a gold medal in the hardware control category and the best overall project. He was accompanied by Ayush Chunilall in competing, and the medal was won by both of them. Tharanya Pillay, a Grade 10 learner also received silver medal at this Olympiad. Colwyn Thomas and Shravan Mahadev who formed a team received a bronze medal.

Yasteel Bharat Bhimma, together with 9 other learners represented the school and South Africa at Kenya in April this year to compete in the Golden Climate Project Award. 19 countries were represented here and 101 projects were constructed. The learners brought back 5 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 1 bronze.

Tharanya Pillay, a Grade 10 learner expressed her joy at being a learner at this institution, as she has been competing in Olympiads, both at regional, national and international levels. The school has offered her the opportunity of becoming a global citizen thus coming into contact with various cultures. In 2016, she competed in the regional, Eskom Olympiad and Won a gold medal. From here she competed at national level in International Science Fair, held in Gauteng, where she received honourable mention. She also appeared on National Television where she participated in the Nickelodeons Genius Game Show. When in Grade 9 in 2017, she attended the Infomatrix Project Expo with the Grade 12 learners mentioned above and presented a project on 3D ARTICULATED INTELLIGENT ROBOT; ADAPTABLE FOR THE ALL TERRAIN ENVIRONMENT in the category: hardware control. She won a silver medal for her efforts. She also attended the Genius Olympiad in
New York, USA where she received honourable mention.

Mr. Ramiah, another deputy principal at the school informed the Honorable Deputy Mayoress of the School’s most recent academic achievements. After the remark of the 2017 grade 12 exam scripts a further 11 distinctions were awarded to the school, escalating the number of distincitions to 309 in the 2017 NSC Exams hence producing an average of 4,12 distinctions per learner for that exam.

The Honorable Deputy Mayor very proudly closed the meeting by expressing to the principal, staff and learners her sincere thanks for responding to her invitation and how proud she was to be associated with the school. She looked forward to meeting the staff and learners in the near future again and wished us a safe and pleasant trip back to school.

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