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SAASTA 2012:Top Science whiz kids jet off to London

IN 2012 the 48th SAASTA Science Olympiad was held with 22,456 participants in South Africa. As usual, Star College did well in the Olympiad. Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners participated. All learners wrote the same Olympiad exam.

Thiolan Naidoo, our Gr 11 learner, achieved the overall 3rd position of the national winners. Thiolan Naidoo and Rishen Singh were the top students in the physical science section. Another Star College student, Dehini Rapeti was the Top Female learner in the Grade 11 Biology section.

Star College was rated the 2nd Best School in the South African Physical Science and Biology Olympiad. Our school was awarded a R7000 worth of lab equipment as the prize. Eight of our students were invited to the Science Youth Week which will be held in Pretoria.

Of the Top 104 students in the SAASTA Olympiad, 18 were from Star College!

Thiolan Naidoo won a desktop computer, an ipod, a R2000 voucher and a trip to the U.K. Rishen Singh won a R2000 voucher and a trip to the U.K. Dehini Rapeti won a desktop computer. Well done!

Overall winners who attended the London International Youth Science Forum

• Thiolan Naidoo of Star College, KwaZulu-Natal (Best overall marks in Physical Science)
• Bevuya Mahamba, Hudson Park High School, Eastern Cape (Best overall marks in Life Science)
• Rishen Singh, Star College, KwaZulu-Natal (Best marks in Physical Science in Grade 11)
• Jessica Breet, St Andrew’s School for Girls, Gauteng (Best marks in Life Science)
• Dzulani Thanyani of Mbilwi Secondary School, Limpopo (Best marks in Physical Science for a learner from a previously disadvantaged school)

The London International Youth Science Forum took place from 16 – 30 August this year. The Forum brought together over 300 science students from almost 60 countries on the five continents. The learners participated in a programme of lectures and demonstrations by leading scientists, as well as visits to industrial sites and research facilities.

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