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Mission and Vision


1. to offer all children irrespective of race, religion or backgrounds, a quality education particularly in the field of maths, science, computers and technology.

2. To take on the responisbilty to ensure each learner reaches his/her own individual capity in all walks of life.

3. To have an holistic approach of nurturing and encouraging each child’s moral, religious, physical and educational well being.


1. To develop individuals who are skilled in their fields of study, and are productive and innovative, with a broad worldview and respect for human values.

2. To develop individuals qualified to compete in international universities and who could successfully represent the Republic of South Africa.

3. To develop a generation with deep knowledge of Mathematical Sciences, Science and Technology who are able to adapt to the requirements of global market place.

4. To lay ground work for the disadvantaged students especially black students of South Africa for the benefit of science and technology.


Ethos at Star College is formed on a desire to learn, to participate, to compete at the highest levels and fulfill ones potential. The learners at Star College are encouraged to achieve in the classroom and to combine this success with involvement in sporting and cultural activities. This balance enables them to be challenged, extended and motivated in many facets of real life, preparing them for their pathway beyond Star College.


“Excellence in Education” and on the logo: “Ruh, Akil, Beden” (Soul,Mind, Body)


Red, Turquoise and Blue

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