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SOCCER has been among the students and teachers favorite. Students find the occasion to play this exciting sport at almost every free moment of their day. Staff have also found time to participate and a Star College soccer team has also been established.

A weekly CRICKET practice under the supervision and coaching of a well trained and qualified coach aims to produce an outstanding cricket team in years to come.

A twice weekly TENNIS practice also aims to give the students an edge in a sport not much favoured by all youngsters but many have taken a liking to it.

BASKETBALL AND VOLLEYBALL has taken the school by storm and is now almost as popular as soccer and the students seem to have a zeal for this sport. Although Star College aims at being an academically coursed school, it places a fair deal of importance on sport and recreational activities. Staff and students also find the time to congregate on the BASKETBALL AND VOLLEYBALL court for a friendly match-up. The Star College soccer team has begun playing at league level and has been playing rather exceptionally.

Annual Athletics Meeting and Field events is organized.

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