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Boarding Facilities

Star College offers a fully equipped dormitory. it holds a homely yet disciplined environment where pupils live and learn.

Apart from Star Colleges outstanding academic records it also provides for its students on a more basic level by offering them the choice of living on the school’s premises for convenience of traveling and studying.

The teachers at Star College spend vast amounts of their free and personal time tutoring and teaching students after the normal school day is done.

Students enjoy their meals in our eating hall which doubles as an entertainment hall which is also used for meetings held between staff and students. Students who require it, have access to the computers at school for study and research purposes.

The facility is cleaned daily as neatness and cleanliness is a priority.

The dormitory master prepares a roster of events so the pupil is aware of study periods, entertnment and meal times.


Star College Dormitory Time Table

07h10 – 07h25 Dormitory Closes FOR SCHOOL
07h45-15h30 School Time (12h20 LUNCH TIME)
14h10 Dormitory opens AFTER SCHOOL
14h10 – 17h30 Break and preparation for study hour
17h30 – 18h00 Supper (Supper will not be served after 17h45)
18h00 – 18h50 First STUDY HOUR
19h00 – 20h00 Second STUDY HOUR
20h00 – 20h30 Tea/Refreshment Time
20h30-21h30 Third STUDY HOUR
23h00 Lights Out!

The students at Star Colleges Dormitory have a wide variety of of activities to keep themselves busy after school is out for the day. Students more than often find themselves on the soccer field competing against each other in friendly matches which are, on occasion joined by staff members who share an equal passion for the game.Dormitory Activities

Students may also find themselves on our multi-purpose sports court which allows for basketball, tennis and volley ball. Three staff members a week take time off their teaching schedules to address the students on issues both current and ethical. Once a week students are treated to movie which is shown on big screen in the entertainment hall. Staff members go to great lengths to find movies that are not harmful in any way to the students.
Study Hours

Everyday, three times a day, students are required to attend Study Hour, during which students are given time to do any homework, assignments or studying that is required of them.

Students are closely monitored by members of staff during this time ensuring that work continues as intended and disturbances are kept to a minimum. Help is available where staff is able to do so. Study hour is in place to ensure that students obtain the best grades possible. The staff may also use these study hours to as time for extra tuition and teaching Olympiad studies.

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