Extra tuition

Extra classes
Extra classes at Star College Durban is a unique opportunity for learners to revise and get additional support, especially in Mathematics and science subjects. And the best part is it’s free of charge. Our dedicated teachers sacrifice from their valuable time to help one more learner.It takes place on Saturday mornings.

Star College Johannesburg educators provide FREE Tuition and OLYMPIAD training to assist learners.

Possible tuition times:
    Every day after school (15:00-17:00)
    Every Saturday 8:00-15:00

Study Camps for Matric Learners
We utilize holiday time to assist our Matric learners with their exam preparations. Study camps take place usually within 3 to 5 days with allocated subjects for each session. Lunch and refreshments are served as well.
Star College Durban is an Independent, English Medium School, established by Horizon Educational Trust. We follow the Curriculum from the Department of Education and aim to be academically strong, producing excellent results in the National Matric exams as well as National and International Mathematics, Science and Computer Olympiads
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